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Chandler Reports has been publishing Real Estate Market Data for the Memphis and Shelby County area since 1968. That year, we began collecting residential sales information for the Chandler Residential Report, considered the authoritative source for residential real estate sales information. Over the next three decades, the publications have been continually refined, enhanced and expanded, growing to include lot sales data, new residential construction and absorption information, and commercial sales and listing services. In 1987, Chandler Reports began one of the first on-line real estate market data services in the country, and is a nationally recognized leader in the industry.

Chandler Reports compiles the information from the original sources - we read every deed filed in the Register's Office every day; we read each building permit issued, and we analyze each new subdivision plat issued.

Please contact us at (901) 458-6419 or by e-mail at to subscribe, or to inquire about additional products and services offered by Chandler Reports.

Reports are available VIA FAX or MAIL for non-subscribers. Please call (901) 458-6419 to order any of the following reports.



Basic Online Service




Property Profile - $10.00 per Report - Includes (where available) the original building permit information, owner's name and address, current square footage and other physical information (often from an independent appraiser), sales history of the house since 1968, original sale of the lot, MLS Listing history, and the most salient information from the Tax Assessor's File.

Comparable Sales Report - $10.00 per report for compressed format, $15 for detailed format with photos - Includes up to 15 sales within the past 12 months which are similar in size , location, and other physical characteristics to the subject property. Additionally, the Report also contains up to 15 sales in the area which, because of size, etc., are not direct comps but are good indicators of values in the area.

Custom Comparable Sales Report - $10.00 and up per report - Search for comps on specific streets, ZIP Codes, neighborhoods, the entire county, etc. Great for unique properties or to search for all sales over a certain dollar amount.

Tax Assessors File - $10.00 per Report - The complete 1999 Tax Assessor File on any residential property.

Tax Maps - $10.00 per map page - All Assessor's tax maps are available.

Lot Sales in a Subdivision - $10.00 per report - This report shows up to the 25 most recent lot sales in a subdivision. This report is available for most subdivisions developed since 1974. A complete sales history showing every lot sale is available for $25.00.

Subdivision Plats - $10.00 per plat page - Available for any subdivision developed since 1994. We are currently scanning plats dating back to 1974.

HBAM Hot Sheets - Basic $30.00/month, Sales Enhanced $40.00/month - A weekly list of all building permits issued and of all new house and lot sales. The permit and sale information is sorted by both builder and by zip code and subdivision. (Sample)


Sales Info on a Particular Commercial Property - $10.00 - A comprehensive description of the sale, including date, price, Grantor, Grantee, physical info, financing, etc. We field check and photograph every Improved sale over $100,000 and include sketches of the irregular parcels.

Commercial Comparable Sales Reports - Land or Improved Property - $150 each search - We search by area, property type, building size, lot size, sales price, sale dates, etc., or any combination of parameters to get exactly the sales that are appropriate for your particular needs. Included are color photographs of the improved properties, sketches of the irregular lots, Tax Assessor's File on your subject property, and a tax map of the subject.

Tax Assessor's File - $10.00 each - The complete 1999 Tax Assessor's File on any commercial property.


Housing Inventory - Subdivision Summaries - $210.00/ quarter - All new residential construction in Shelby County is analyzed by subdivision and zip code. The summary for each area lists the total number of platted lots, number of houses under construction, number complete and unsold, and the total number of sales. It lists the number of starts and average value in the area by year and quarter, as well as the number of sales and average sales price grouped in the same time frames. This useful reference is completely updated each quarter and includes the age breakdown of any unsold inventory.(Sample)

Housing Inventory - Builder's Report - $210.00/quarter - This report contains the same type of information found in the Subdivision Summaries report, except that it is listed by builder, instead of by subdivision. Each builder's entry lists all houses started by that builder within the last few years; the information for each house includes the location, the size of the house, the dates of the first and final inspections, and the sale price and date. (Sample)

Housing Analysis Report - $80.00/quarter - The most salient data from the Subdivision Summaries report is summarized in this report, which also includes charts showing a 10 year history of each area. It is designed for anyone needing a quick and general overview of the new housing industry. (Sample)

New & Revised Residential Subdivision Plats - $65.00/quarter - All of the new or revised residential plats.

New & Revised Commercial Subdivision Plats - $30.00/month - All of the new or revised commercial plats.


Copies of deeds recorded in Shelby, Fayette, Tipton and DeSoto counties are available for same-day FAX delivery for $10, deeds over 10 (ten) pages incur an additional $1 per page fee, for each page over ten. Subscribers to our Internet Service pay only $7 for the first 10 pages.

We also have virtually every commercial and residential subdivision plat recorded in Shelby County. Copies of plats are available for $10 each ($20 each, if it was recorded prior to 1974) via FAX, mail, or pick-up. Plats recorded from 1960 to present are also available on our website for subscribers.

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