Help With Chandler Reports RegionPlus
»Contact Information

Our office hours are 8:00am - 5:00pm (CST) Mon - Fri.
Phone: 901.458.6419
Toll Free: 877.790.0400
Fax: 901.454.2329
Address: 193 Jefferson
Memphis, TN 38103

For technical assistance, please contact:
Phone: 877.790.0400

For customer service and data corrections, please contact Jennifer Burda:
Phone: 877.790.0400

For customer sales, please contact:
Phone: 901.528.5273

For billing and accounting, please contact:
Phone: 877.790.0400

»Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I find an address?

If you are having trouble finding an address or are not sure how the street name is spelled, it is best to type in the address numbers and the first few letters of the street name. Do not type in any direction (north, south, etc.) or the type of thoroughfare such as street, cove, etc. Remember typing in less usually works best when having trouble with an address!

How do I locate an address by typing in the owner’s name?

You can enter the name in any order. If you don’t find an owner, try typing in just the last name and leave out any punctuation when typing in the name.

Why am I periodically logged out from my account?

Unlike other real estate research services, Chandler Reports RegionPlus allows you to log into your account from any computer. You are logged out automatically in order that you may log in on another computer, such as a home office computer or a laptop. Only one user can log in using your user name. If more than one user needs to log in at the same time, simply add another login to your account under Subscribe. Or, you can simply contact customer service at or call toll free 877.711.0200.

»Refund & Cancellation Policy

For subscription-based products, you may cancel your subscription at any time. To cancel your subscription, put your account on hold in Subscribe. Or, you can simply contact customer service by any of the following means:

* Email:
* Phone: 901.458.6419
* Toll Free: 877.790.0400
* Fax: 901.454.2329
* Mail: 193 Jefferson, Memphis, TN, 38103

If you feel you need a refund, please contact us by one of the means noted above. Refunds will be issued as quickly as possibly, but in no case will they take more than 30 days from the point that the refund is requested and approved. Refunds for credit card purchases will be made to the credit card only. Refunds for purchases by cash or check will be made by check.

In the case of printed products, the product must be returned before a refund can be issued. In the case of online products, because it is impossible to return the product in exchange for a refund, refunds will be given once it is determined that the information received is either incorrect or was purchased mistakenly.