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Shelby County Tax Appeal

Sample Reports:

Chandler Reports is a division of The Daily News Publishing Co.

The Daily News has been the paper of record for Memphis & Shelby County since 1886.

The Daily News

Commercial Tax Kit: $225

Chandler Reports can assist you with appealing your commercial property taxes!

Detailed Sales Comps: A unique specialty of Chandler Reports, each request is manually researched and includes three years of data. These comprehensive reports include mortgage information, price per square foot, photographs, dimensions, zoning designations and sketches of any irregularly shaped parcels.

2014 Assessor’s Card: The complete Assessor’s record conveniently arranged in one easy-to-view report. Includes complete, certified tax record for an individual piece of property, with much more detail than publicly available records.

GIS Map A satellite image of the property with outlined property lines and dimensions.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Appealing: Instructions on how to appeal your new property tax reappraisal value.

Contact us today for assistance with appealing your commercial property taxes!

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