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Shelby County Tax Appeal

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You can get instant access to any of the following reports from myChandlerReports.com for a one-time fee.

Available Reports
Price Name of Report Description
$10.00 Property Profile The most accurate, detailed research into your most important investment. Profile includes photos, sales history, detailed physical description (including current square footage), legal description, tax appraisasl, all building permits issued since 1987.
$25.00 Detailed Comparable Sales Ensure a smooth buy or sell with comparable sales you can't get anywhere else. Our comps are hand-picked based on our exclusive secondary subdivision breakdowns. Includes a list of up to 30 comparable sales within the last 24 months (similar in size, location, and other physical properties), and an additional list of up to 30 sales in the area which are not direct comps, but are good indicators of value in the area.
$20.00 Neighborhood Profile Review all foreclosure and sales activity for your neighborhood, including bank and non-bank sales with market trends for the past 4 years.
$10.00 Assessor's Information Get the complete Assessor record, which is unavailable anywhere else. Includes complete verified tax record for an individual piece of property, conveniently arranged in one report and with much more detail than the publicly available tax records.
$10.00 Foreclosure Effect Review foreclosures within a ¼ mile of your property over the last 2 years and see the potential effect this foreclosure activity may have on your property’s value.
$49.00 Tax Kit Everything you need to make sure your property was correctly re-appraised by the Assessor's office. Kit includes all five of the reports listed above, along with an additional listing of comparable properties on your street and information on how to appeal your reappraisal.

Residential Desoto County

Chandler Reports - the real estate professional's one-stop information resource for the Mid-South.

People in the know stay ahead of the competition with in-depth, accurate information - all in one place. As a subscriber to Chandler Reports, you get unlimited access to this valuable data 24 hours a day. It's the information you want and the tools you need for residential property in Shelby, Desoto, Fayette and Tipton counties.

  • Verified Property Profiles
  • Hand-picked Comp Sales
  • Custom Comparable Sales
  • Thousands of Photos
  • Complete Assessor's Data
  • Subdivsion Plats
  • Housing Inventory
  • Tax Maps
  • Deeds

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Commercial Desoto County

Chandler Reports - the unparalleled data resource for commercial property in the Mid South.

With over 35 years of experience in the industry, Chandler Reports understands the difference between commercial and residential real estate. We provide information that commercial real estate professionals just can't get anywhere else. As a subscriber to Chandler Reports you get unlimited access to this valuable data 24 hours a day.

  • Verified Property Profiles
  • Thousands of Photos
  • Complete Assessor's Data
  • Commercial Plats
  • Tax Maps
  • Deeds

Plus, our knowledgeable, experienced support staff is always eager to help you find the exact property, report or analysis you need. With Chandler Reports, getting the data you need is the easiest part of your job.

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